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Parking lots and storefronts should be well lighted at night.
Establish staff policies requiring at least two people to open or close your business.
Staff and employees should be advised to keep their cars locked at all times, and strongly encouraged to exit the building with a companion whenever possible.
Employees should be properly trained on cash handling and security measures. Set policy regarding cash on hand and stick by it. 
Your receptionist should have a panic button for emergencies or a lock on the front door that can be controlled by the receptionist.

Staff and employees should be instructed to report any broken or flickering lights, doors that don't lock properly or broken windows, and not to assume someone else has already reported the problem. 
Community service and involvement are important safeguards against crime. Customers and neighbors who view a business as a valued resource to the community will watch out for its property and employees. 

Do not forget about making sure you are in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. 
Solid wood doors are good, metal doors are better.
Make sure hinges are inside so they cannot be removed.
Use deadbolts (locks that throw a solid bolt into the door frame.)
These prevent an intruder breaking a side window and opening the door. If an intruder does get in through a window they will have to exit from the window since they cannot open the door.
Reinforce the door frame if required with a long strike plate, secured with #8 screws at least 2.5" long.

Most locksmiths have a wide variety of these. If your door frame is very thin consider having a custom made strike plate installed. It should be constructed of "L" steel and run from the top of the door to the bottom and secured every 6 to 8 inches.

Install "LEXAN" (A clear material available at most plastic shops.) put a sheet over small windows and around or in doors to prevent easy access to door lock if you have regular single keyed locks.
Check that a hand cannot reach through mail slots and reach the door locks. Have a child try for you. Intruders use them.
 Basement Windows - A Prime Entry Point
 Install Bars if there is any chance of an intruder getting in this way. Some windows are a good fire escape route. If yours are, look into bars that can be unlocked and opened if required. Remember to keep keys to window bar close at hand but well out of reach to prevent an intruder who breaks the window from being able to find the key.
 Custom made bars cost less than you would think and are usually stronger. Talk to us we do supply and install bars.
 Ensure your bars are securely installed.
 Talk to your Security Consultant about other options for your windows.
Sliding Doors and Windows - A Special Problem
If only one side of your patio door can move, a simple stick dropped in the track makes it very hard to open. NOT IMPOSSIBLE.
Check that your door cannot be lifted out even with a pry bar. If it can, add a shim to the inside top track to take up the space.
If both sides of the doorway open, the simplest way to secure the doors is to drill a small hole through both doors, when closed, in the center and install a good solid pin. A 4" nail will suffice.
Check for top clearance.
*****Fire Protection*****
Smoke Detectors - Do not go without them.

A smoke detector will save your life or the life of a loved one.
1st. - Install detectors on each floor near stairways as a minimum.
2nd - Bedrooms and other rooms are good locations for smoke detectors. Children hurt by match play do not sit in the hallway to play, they usually are in their bedroom. Put smoke detectors in bedrooms for advance warning.
Check Smoke Detectors every six months minimum.
Replace batteries in detectors every six months.
Replace detectors about every 5 years or on the date marked on the detector.
As detectors get older they get dirty and usually will give more false alarms. If you are having false alarm problems replace your detector.

If your detectors are wired into your house, when replacing get a unit with a battery backup. These units will continue to work when your power goes out and you are using candles etc. for light.

Make sure that you have the combination in a safe place , also try not to dial the combination in front of as few people as possible.

Our locksmiths can change your combination for a minimal fee.

 When it comes to deadbolts there is a difference. A qualified locksmith can explain how even if a cheap deadbolt can get the job done. There may be better options for frequently vandalized doors.


High Security or restricted duplication key blanks are available as well as the more commonly known , Do Not Duplicate.

 If a transponder key is lost or stolen , we are able to deprogram that key so it will no longer work the ignition.

Our Locksmiths have state of the art transponder programming equipment. We stock the largest assortment of blanks on the Colorado river.


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