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Parker Lock and Safe - forensic locksmithing


Forensic locksmiths also referred to as  investigative locksmiths provide locksmith expertise to law enforcement, government agencies, and private companies. We analyze lock and key systems for evidence of compromise which include the method of entry, the tools used, the time and skill required and any other evidence that identifies suspects, victims, or other necessary information. Don’t misunderstand-forensic locksmithing does not solve cases but rather it helps to provide evidence to law enforcement that helps to solve the case.  Criminal investigations are a part of forensic locksmithing, however this branch of locksmithing also helps to provide routine security maintenance for government and private companies to help with identification of any attempts to compromise a lock or key system. We also perform penetration testing and security research as well.


There are three methods of entry we concentrate on. They are Destructive , covert and Surreptitious entry. The main difference in these is the types of evidence that are left behind and the ease of identifying different types of attacks.